Blogging Again!


OK, so I have not blogged for about a month now. There is a reason…I am having a new blog designed for me and I have lost my excitement for this blog format. It won’t be long before I have my new blog up and running! For this I am excited! So much has happened these past weeks with my photography and I am waiting to post till my images can be larger and really show themselves at there best. But, until then I have a few things to talk about. Really, I have not talked much on this present blog…but have decided to share more about myself and my heart on my new blog. For now, I will share a few things that have been going on. For starters, tonight I was at a meeting for the Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley and as always the speaker was great and inspiring, and the people that I met were enjoyable. But most wonderful was sharing with a vendor that was there Suzette Allen, about my faith in Jesus after seeing her table set up with wonderful Templates (of which I bought one) and a brochure about a ministry that she has with youth. She was so sweet to take time out to talk to me about my new vision for my blog and to pray for me. That is not something that often happens with someone that I have just met! My hope is that more of me, my faith and my heart will come out with my new blog. More to come soon.
Thanks for reading and Lord bless you!

PS…a few photos just for fun of little Brooklin and her Mama that I shot for a Curves’ wall display where I work as a fitness coach part time in the afternoons!