Trust like a child


Ok, so here is the same photo from the last post but enlarged in my brand new blog! Yeah! I am excited and anxious to start to blog again…it’s been too long! So much has happened and so many photos have been taken. So many new relationships I have made with my new clients and I will begin to slowly add them to the blog with some stories along the way!

Here is Michelle and Brooklin (darling name!). Michelle is a very sweet and kind natured woman who I have met at Curves where I work part time in the afternoon. Brooklin is a living doll who LOVES to swing! (As you saw in the previous post). “Lord bless the lives of Brooklin and her sister and her mama and daddy. Thank you for the laughter and innocence of children…help us all to trust you like children trust their parents. Thank you that you gave us children in life to remind us the true and pure things of life. Cause us to trust you like a child and thank you for your forgiveness when we act otherwise…Amen”Photobucket” />