"A Love Song" {Sacramento Wedding Photographer}


You may have seen some of this event earlier on my blog…but just yesterday I was sent the lyric to the song that was sung at this 50th Wedding Anniversary party. This song was both written and preformed for the couple by their great niece Camille Johnson. She sang like an sparrow and was so precious when she told the story of how she had been inspired to write it as a witness to the AMAZING LOVE that Bill and La Verne have showed and shared over their lifetime together! So, Camille, this post is for you. God bless you girl and may the Lord continue to shower you with the gift of your song and heart. “A Love Song”
Written by: Camille Johnson

“Do you remember when you knew you were in love? Do you remember when you first felt his touch? Do you remember the feeling inside, the day you became “yours and mine”? See where the Lord has taken you, and all of the things he’s done through you? Through valleys and highs, mountains and lows, you’ve had each other, since all those years ago…Though times have changed your love has stayed the same. Though family has come and gone and life’s been rearranged. Your life’s been a witness to the lives you have changed…even those who didn’t know your name.”

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