Norma Janneth


It’s Sunday and my children are scattered among friends places today. We just got back from church and lunch, and I thought that I would post about another child that is scattered even further away (a lot further away) with her friends today. That child is one that has been a part of our family (in quite a different way) for about ten years now. Our family has been sending about $30.00 a month for a young girl named Norma Janneth for these past ten years (money that will hardly have been missed by us in the grand scheme of our life, yet hopefully has made a difference in the grand scheme of hers). We actually do not know her, but know only a bit about her…she is from Ecuador and has been able to go to school and do the normal kinds of things that other children her age are able to do. She has been able to do these things due to the fact that she is a sponsored child through World Vision. World Vision is an amazing organization that we trust to use our donated money to truly help children who are needing to know the love of the Lord through the care of those serving them. Each year World Vision send a photo of her and a note and drawing from Norma Janneth for us. As the years have passed it is quite something to see how she has grown into a beautiful young woman. I would encourage you to link over to their web site and see the wonderful things that they are doing to make a difference in the lives of children. Even in these tough economic times we continue to support her…because there is nothing like knowing that we are making a difference in even the life of one child. Be Blessed!Photobucket