Nevada County Fair {Grass Valley Photographer}


So, what would summer be without the county fair? For our family it would not be a complete summer that’s for sure! We LOVE the county fair! For over 10 years we have attended the Nevada County Fair in Grass Valley…not just for one day but many each week. The food is amazing and the people are even better! When we go in the evening it is so much fun to see the lights of the carnival area brightly lit. And any time of the day or night it’s so wonderful to see all the awesome and amazing redwood trees that are everywhere around the fairgrounds. The livestock auction is something that we have come to so enjoy…it’s a place where the whole community comes to support the kids who have worked so very hard to raise animals for the fair. A couple of years back my son had a pig that was auctioned off…the earnings still await him in his savings account for his first car! Then there is the photo entry…yes, each year I enter…sometimes winning a ribbon and other times not. This year I won the BLUE for PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. So I had to post a photo of me standing under my winning photo. (I also entered the photo just to the left of the blue ribbon photo). A friend of mine won BEST OF SHOW for his Lance Armstrong photo…yea, way to go Richard!!! I had to post a picture of my dear friend Dori and her son Connor (who had a pig at the fair for auction), as they spent up to 15 hours a day at the fair some days, caring for the pig and helping with their 4H club…wow! The fair is a wonderful thing to do as a family and a community of friends. One of those home town feelings that don’t come around much any more. Even though the Farris wheel is not my favorite thing to do at the fair…I really wanted to get some photos at night from above…oh, the sacrifices one makes for a photograph! Enjoy the fair!
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