Golf update sent from IPhone…Golfing in Plam Springs!


Last night I blogged about my daughter Lindsay. Then this morning I was thinking how fun it would be if our friend Phil would send a photo of Bradley for me to post. When I checked my email there was a photo waiting for me! How perfect. 🙂 You see, Phil has a home in Palm Springs that he wanted to take his grandson and my son to spend some time at over winter break golfing. Bradley jumped on the chance…who wouldn’t? Golfing at two of the most professional courses around, swimming and just having fun with the guys. Every once in a while there are some extra special “gifts” that we are given. I believe that this is one of those times for Brad. Phil, thanks for sending the photo for us to enjoy, but mostly thanks for your kind and generous heart toward my son! (Brad is the one swinging the club. 🙂

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