It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Finally, things are slowing down a bit around here. Christmas will be her in just two days and our tree is up and the few decorations that we place out are in their special spots. It seems that each year as of late, I have wanted to make a tree that is fresh and new to that particular year. We keep very few ornaments from the previous years and start fresh with a new “look” for the tree. This year we went simple, round decorated balls and a few stars from previous years. It seems to me that the stress of decorating is lessened if I can custom make the tree to the “mood” of that year!

Mustain Photography

Here is something that we have placed out for at least 15 years. Many years ago when money was very tight, we did not have funds for a Christmas tree or any other decorations for that matter. So, my little five year old Lindsay and I sat at the kitchen counter and formed a manger out of salt/flower/water dough. We took a box that we had and painted it (yes the blue color that it still wears) and found some straw and made a manger. Every year this is the one consistant decoration that comes out to decorate for Christmas and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. Mustain Photography