Kans restaruant in San Francisco’s China Town


OK, so I admit that these photos are not my best because are from my PHONE CAMERA! It just goes to show you that a photographer can not be without a way to take pictures! But hold on, there is a story to go with these, so hear goes. Years ago when I was a young girl, my parents took all four of us kids to this wonderful and special restaurant in San Francisco’s China Town. We would go twice a year and it was such a treat and a great time for us as a family. I remember my favorite dish being the pressed duck (weird huh?) and after each visit, we would always scour China Town for a treasure or two or three! These are such special memories for me. Fast forward to three years ago…to my husbands and my honeymoon. We were in China Town and we looked high and low to find this place to share a meal until we finally found it. Yum! Now fast forward even more…to this weekend! Johnny and I celebrated our three year anniversary. (I love this man more now than then!) And yes, we stumbled upon the restaurant once again and had a meal and reminisced. What would we do without memories. Pictures sure help to preserve them. So, here is a bit of our time in China Town and a photo of Kans restaurant…a small way to preserve a big memory.

Mustain Photography