Thanksgiving Day


Crazy to be posting so late about Thanksgiving? Well, this past month I have been recuperating from a foot surgery and have been “out of the loop”.  My office is getting a great overhaul as well as the “my pictures” area on my computer. Cleaning up! (This is what my past month has consisted of). And a lot of hobbling around the house. But, before I try to post photos from this Christmas holiday, I wanted to post some from our last holiday! We had our daughter Amelia and boyfriend Devin over with her mother and stepfather for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, a  bit unconventional, but we had a wonderful time together. Amelia and Devin were such a blessing to have with us and Bonnie and Rex as well. Bonnie and Rex have a great talent for playing the guitar and singing. Our son Bradley and daughter Lindsay were with us, as always, which made for a super special evening. Bradley is doing great at playing the guitar as well! Having a loving family is an amazing blessing.