Christmas Celebrations!


What a lovely couple of days we had celebrating Christ’s birth with family this year. There is nothing quite like the love of family…

To have my mother still putting on such a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner was special (she is in her 80’s!). It seems like forever since I had seen my oldest brother and his family, and that was so great to spent time visiting. (My sister in law Barb, always brings an amazing plate of decorated cookies that she and my niece Stephanie make…yummy!) Then on Christmas day, we had most of the family here for prime rib, twice baked potatoes, apple pie and the rest of works! My precious nieces Natalie and Kelli decorated gingerbread men with Amelia and Devin then proudly showed them off to grandma. Special memories…

Oh, I also put in a picture of the gift that I made for Johnny. Over our first four years of marriage we have been on so many relaxing and enjoyable road trips together. Some of our favorites were local, but we even had a chance to visit Hawaii and Yosemite. So, I spent some time (tons of time actually) making a book reliving the many times that we had together. Johnny tells me that it was like the most special gift that he had ever been given…wow, do you hear my heart going pitter pat? Love that guy!

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