Downtown Sacramento with Johnny (TAPA The World, View Point)


It is not often that Johnny and I have two days off together! But, this weekend we were off and free to do whatever our little hearts desired.

On Saturday we went downtown to the Capital Building and spent time in the sunshine. We talked about our future and the goals that were needed to accomplish some of our plans. I love doing that type of thing. It just makes me feel like there is hope…and hope is a wonderful thing. Then we went to the IMAX theatre on J Street. Then, since the day was still young, we went to the Second Saturday event downtown, were we enjoyed roaming at View Point. At last, we had a wonderful dinner at TAPA The World. Wow, talk about a fabulous experience! Loved it! Loved the day! Love my husband!

(Below are some pictures taken with my phone…I wanted to remember the time that we had together, even if it meant using my phone to take the pictures!)