Vacationing in San Clemente Ca. {Orange County Photographer}


Just a a quick post about our past few days in the LA area. Johnny and I had a few days off to get away as we had purchased tickets for CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters (a one man play, which came to Irvine Ca). We stayed in San Luis Obispo (the purple flowers that lined the streets were beautiful!) and then went on to Solvang for the afternoon. We had time on the San Clemente pier with my elderly Aunt and Uncle. We loved Oceanside (without my camera I am afraid) where we  just hung out at the ocean. One of the best times we had was going for a boat trip off of Dana Point (this time I used my phone camera because again I did not have my camera!).  The last day was the day of the play, and it was great. They would not allow photos during the play, so I snapped one after the play was finished and got one off their site for you to see.  I have to admit that I am not a city girl. Wow, that traffic was unbelievable. It’s great to be back…as they say,”There’s no place like home”.

The shops in Solvang brought back many memories for me. Of course Johnny was not as taken with the shops as I was. 🙂 This little Knit Shop was so darling. A place for children to come and do crafts while in Solvang.

My Aunt and Uncle live atop of a hill in San Clemente with a beautiful view and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables growing in their yard. They served us a lovely meal with amazing fresh roses as the centerpiece at dinner.

The dolphins were everywhere around the boat. It was amazing! This was one time that I had wished that I had my camera. Oh well, my cell phone came to the rescue once again!

Above is the set of the Screwtape letters after it was finished. Below is an image that I was able to get off the internet to show the actor.

On our way home we found a lovely hotel. We were able to relax and swim.

Then we drove I-5 all the way home. The stops along the way were frequent, as this was our last day of vacation!

It’s so wonderful to have a best friend to travel with! Johnny is amazing and I am blessed to have him.

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