Dessert Extravaganza {Rocklin Event Photographer}


This past Friday evening I had the pleasure of photographing an auction at our church to benefit our food closet. Hand made blankets and wonderful specialty desserts were donated for the auction. At the end of the evening a “queen was crowned” for the most delicious dessert…yes everyone had samples to taste! The room was quite dark, so I set up lights off to the side to add some interest to the photos. You might take notice of the angle of light if it interests you! Some of the photos have a light source from the spots on the stage and others from my flashes that were set up on the side of the room.

Oh, by the way…the food closet is now stocked and $ in the bank to provide more! Many during the holiday season can not afford to provide meals for their families. It is a beautiful thing when churches and other organizations get in the “spirit of giving” to those less fortunate.

Woman of Faith Photography