Lindsay has a Sushi Birthday! {Rocklin Family Photographer}


Lindsay had an idea, how about a sushi building…origami making…family birthday party! Well, that’s just what we had, and LOTS of it! 14 rolls of sushi!  Let’s just say that we were a happy little stuffed family.

The angel food cake that my mother makes for ALL birthdays is an amazing taste bud tradition for our family. We decided to sit around the coffee table in true Japanese style. And well, the yoga was just for fun I guess! Lots of food photos here, as that was the whole point of the party!!! Yummy day. BTW…if you like the lanterns (hanging from our ceiling fan:-) ) they came from World Market. All the sushi fixing were from the Oriental Market in Roseville. Oh also, Pandora Radio had some great Asian music for ambiance!

Lindsay has always been a blessing to just about everyone that she has any contact with. I feel soooo blessed to have had her in my life for the last 23 years. Lord Jesus, thank you so much for giving us the joy of having a daughter who loves, laughs and gives the way that Lindsay does. You are a God of great gifts…thank you, thank you, for Lindsay. Amen

Woman of Faith Photography