Monica and Tylers Wedding {Blue Goose, Loomis Ca} {High Hand Nursery, Loomis Ca)


The day was bathed in prayer…lots of it.  Last week Monica and Tyler were  married at the Blue Goose, in  downtown Loomis.  From the very start of their relationship, Jesus has been at the center. We all saw that continue, as throughout the day that they celebrated their commitment to each other in marriage with so many evidences of their Christian faith.  Never before have I seen a foot washing at a wedding…it was beautiful to witness. It was touching that Tyler had is Papa as his best man, the words that Papa spoke of Tyler were so dear. At the reception both Monica’s father and sister prayed such lovely prayers for this couple. They truly are blessed!

The day also had such fun in it!  Monica had Tyler wear a bandana around his eyes before the “first look” as the first day they met she was wearing one. They had a photo booth for everyone to “dress up” in hats and glasses. Then each person placed their photo strip in the guest book and signed around their picture! They had a table of games for people to play. 🙂 And since they love coffee (one of Monica’s jobs is at a Starbucks:-) they had a mocha bar where you could order to your hearts desire!

Monica and Tyler had their first look at the Blue Goose, then we stole them away to the High Hand Nursery for their bridal portraits. What a perfect place to have taken them.

The wedding went amazingly smoothly due to Samantha Rosenberg’s coordination. The flowers were lovely and designed by Jewel Ann of Heaven Scent Flower Company. The food was delicious and catered by Randy Urby of Randy’s Creative Catering. Wendy Frielich did a gorgeous job with Monica’s hair, and Jon Nyquist did a great job with video.