Calynn and Broughan’s Wedding (Nevada City Wedding Photographer)


I was so looking forward to photographing Calynn and Broughan’s wedding! The property that they were being married on was gorgeous, the couple was stunning…and yes the theme was appealing for sure. But the main reason that I was excited to photograph this wedding was because of Calynn. When I met this dear young girl I knew that I had met someone who was pure, genuine and precious. Her fiancée Broughan was out playing a round of Frisbee golf on the family property when I met with Calynn. Because of this,  I had just a brief meeting with him…but what I experienced was kind and quite sweet as well. The day of the wedding I enjoyed the whole family, their hospitality was warm and gracious! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

May God bless you Calynn and Broughan as you start your life together as husband and wife.