Casa Graden Weddings


Yesterday I was at a Premier Design Jewelry fashion show at the Casa Garden Restaurant in Sacramento. (Here are a few pictures taken from my “point and shoot” camera. 🙂 ) Marlene is the amazing manager there, and she was talking to our group about what the restaurant offers. First off, I should mention that the sole reason for the restaurant is to benefit the Sacramento Children’s Home. (I believe that she said that the restaurant had generated more than 2 million dollars over the years to benefit the Children’s Home). The food was delicious and everyone serving us volunteered their time and smiles for the event that we had. They have a great offer for next summer if you are planning a wedding! Also, if you book your wedding at this restaurant during this special and decide to use Woman of Faith Photography for your wedding, I will donate $200.00 to the Children’s Home! So, here is their deal…  If you are getting married July or August of 2013 they are offering the facility for 1/2 the price as they normally do!