LIFEhouse Church Ladies Retreat in Walnut Creek


Last month our church ( had a beautiful time in Walnut Creek for our ladies retreat. I am part of the ministry team, my main job for this retreat was to capture it with photos. Hope this tells a bit of the story of our blessed time together as a church family.

2013-05-09_0001 2013-05-09_0002 2013-05-09_0003 2013-05-09_0004 2013-05-09_0005 2013-05-09_0006 2013-05-09_0007 2013-05-09_0008 2013-05-09_0009 2013-05-09_0010 2013-05-09_0011 2013-05-09_0012 2013-05-09_0013