CAbi Scoop Fall 2013 in Portland Oregon


This past week my team and I attended an amazing time of training and fashion with CAbi in Portland Oregon. Every six months 3200 CAbi girls get together for 3-4 days to be trained in helping women find beautiful designer fashions to perfectly fit their body type and lifestyle. The time we have together is always wonderful! Visit to learn more!

Here are a few pictures from my Little Instant Camera and IPhone!

2013-07-23_0001 2013-07-23_0002 2013-07-23_0003 2013-07-23_0004 2013-07-23_0005 2013-07-23_0006 2013-07-23_0007 2013-07-23_0008  2013-07-23_0010 2013-07-23_0011    2013-07-23_0015 2013-07-23_0016 2013-07-23_0017 2013-07-23_0018 2013-07-23_0019