My little girl gets married!


The past weekend was very special. It was my daughter’s wedding! We started the weekend with family on Saturday morning…just hanging and having breakfast together. Then Lindsay and I took off to have our nails done and watched the rain pour down during our time there. Later that evening we had the rehearsal at the church…then off to a lovely dinner hosted by Mark’s parents. The following morning I arrived at Lindsay’s home along with the make-up artist, her friend who did her hair and the rest of her “ladies in waiting”. Then off to the church where the blessed and beautiful wedding took place. So many wonderful family and friends were there to love and support this dear couple. It is my hope and prayer that Lindsay and Mark’s wedding day will be the start of a long and happy life together.

(All these photos were taken with my small point and shoot camera by several different people! The kind waiter took some of the photos of the rehearsal dinner. 🙂 The nail tech even helped out here! My niece Sara took the photos you see here of the wedding. Our dear friend Don Blodger and his wife Victoria were the actual photographers for the day! Their pictures will be the “official” photos that Lindsay and Mark will enjoy for many years to come).

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